IT outsourcing of service

Hiring an external agent to perform certain tasks of your company frees up resources to be applied to your “Core Business".

Outsourcing is frequently used by start-up companies, and also by consolidated companies that choose to outsource part of their processes in search of a greater focus on their core business, greater flexibility to adapt to the changing business environment and a better cost/benefit ratio of the resources invested.

In Uruguay, Ecnoz provides outsourcing services in the area of Servers, DNS, IP Telephony, Hosting and Etc. This range of services gives our clients an integral support to their operations in the most efficient way.

Working with a leading and experienced company in outsourcing services can be a huge advantage for companies, allowing them to break down functional and business units, and identify the best combination of internal and global capabilities.

Uruguay technological hub

International companies choose Uruguay for its skilled labor with low operating costs, it is positioned as one of the main countries in terms of reliability in Latin America.

Servers with Windows Server system and different versions of Linux. We work with customer specific equipment in our datacenter (optional).
Services in Uruguay
We collaborate with service companies in Europe and North America in different modalities, Partners, Partners and white label services.
User Support
We help your employees or customers when they require IT support in software configuration, training, Internet access problems, and others.
Selection and hiring of IT profiles nationwide with 24/7 service option.
Short, medium and long term projects.
Centralized project management and governance
Puesta a punto
organization and documentation of your company's processes and creation of an IT area