Infraestructura & Datacenter

The objective of placing digital services on such a robust infrastructure is none other than to achiev Availability as long as possible. Availability is the basis of service, service generates revenue, part of the revenue is converted into investment and investment generates more services.


Our Co-Location services provide great flexibility offering from rack units, ⅓ rack, ½ rack, full rack or exclusive cages according to the needs of each company. The service is offered through hyper-ventilated racks, with stabilized and redundant power, environmental control systems and physical security, regardless of the connectivity chosen by the client in our Data Center.

Data Center Manager

Optimization and control of the operation efficiency according to the load.

Management model, where performance is optimized at each changeover

Up-to-date information on capacity, utilization and redundancies before, during and after interventions, changes and maintenance

Network Manager

Comprehensive structured cabling management, including all types of patching and supports

Accurate mapping of all connections, cables, devices and ports