Any organization large or small needs IT Security Services, usually large organizations are the first to realize the need, but in the end everyone needs IT Security Services to ensure the integrity and privacy of their data.

IT Security Services for all companies

With the unstoppable growth of information systems, companies, even small and local ones, have opened up to the whole world and are increasingly vulnerable, their data has become one of the most desired assets by cybercriminals, so protecting it is of vital importance.

Ensuring the security of your business

Contingency Plan

We create a contingency plan for disasters. What would happen to your company if the main server is damaged? We help you to plan and prepare your company in case of a serious failure, so you know what steps to take and what to do at all times. Our purpose is to cover your needs and solve all problems, if necessary, becoming your IT department.


Identification and diagnosis of cybersecurity attacks and incidents.

Identification and coordination in the resolution of perimeter security breaches.

Identification and coordination in the resolution of security breaches in the internal network.

Secure your network

Knows which websites are viewed and filters or restricts access.ability to restrict social networks, even by schedules.firewall to detect and secure the network from possible attacks and vulnerabilities.bandwidth graphs and information. Bandwidth graphs and information.malware, virus, spyware, cryptolocker, etc. detection. Security and management of mobile devices. Total protection, security policies, etc.


VPN connectivity so you can work from anywhere as in the office.Create a wifi network for mobiles and/or guests and another private network.


Protect servers, computers and mobile devices with a centralized and managed antivirus solution.

Active hardware and network monitoring

Anticipate hard drive failures, fan failures, network crashes, etc. Monitoring of vulnerabilities and network attacks.our technicians will be monitoring the entire network in order to anticipate any problems.

Backups – Online Backup

We propose backup solutions with retention policies according to the needs of the company, together with the online backup solution where we keep an encrypted copy of your backups in our data center, your data will be safer than ever. We monitor the backups to make sure they are done correctly and can be restored.

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